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Dorinda Clark Cole

Armed with a remarkable legacy and powerful musical gift, Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole has built an iconic career in music and ministry. Having amassed three Grammy Awards and six Stellar Gospel Music Awards, she is walking into her fifth full-length solo album with renewed grace and faith-filled confidence, tested by enduring insurmountable odds – just “Living It”. 

As one of the daughters of renowned gospel legend (in her own right), the late Dr. Mattie Moss-Clark, as well as a sister to the legendary vocal ensemble The Clark Sisters, Dr. Cole has now skillfully mastered the delicate balance between music, life and ministry.

Her extensive anointing as an inspirational leader allows her to keep her hands full serving others across broad platforms as:

  • A world-renowned Evangelist
  • Gospel radio show host (the nationally syndicated Dorinda Clark-Cole Radio Show)
  • A television host (TCT Network’s The Dorinda Show and The Word Network’s The Gospel According to Dorinda)
  • A fashion designer (The Dorinda Clark-Cole Rose Collection now featured in Especially Yours fashion magazine)
  • A Fitness Enthusiast (Feet on Fire Fitness DVD)
  • Founder/CEO of the Singers, Musicians and Arts Conference (SMAC)
  • A starring cast member on Oxygen’s 2015 Preachers of Detroit

In addition to her international service:

  • She serves faithfully within the National Church of God in Christ
  • Her local assembly, Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ, under the leadership of Bishop J. Drew Sheard and Evangelist Dr. Karen Clark-Sheard as the Church Administrator
  • She is currently the Elect Lady of the International Department of Evangelism (I.D.O.E.).

She is:

  • Wife to Elder Gregory Cole, Sr. for over 35 years
  • Mother to Nikkia Cole-Beach and Gregory Jr,
  • Mother-in-law to Dion Beach, Sr.
  • Grandmother to Dion Jr, and Kashmir Shanel Beach
  • And a devout child of God.