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Deacon Steven John Law

For nearly 4 decades, Deacon Steven John Law has served the Church Of God In Christ with integrity, distinction, godly principles, and an unparalleled standard of excellence.

God placed a unique anointing on Steven as a young boy for this season. A third generation COGIC, son of Brother Kenneth H. & National Trustee Sylvia H. Law, he, and his sister Lisa, grew up serving in various areas of ministry both local and national in the Church of God in Christ.  Through the years, Deacon Law has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the areas of finance, accounting, data management & information technology.

An accomplished Information Technology professional with 30+ years of experience in developing mainframe, Windows, UNIX, Client-Server systems and providing innovative software solutions in higher education, he currently serves as the Associate Director of Enterprise Services at Morgan State University. Deacon Law has demonstrated leadership capacity to motivate and inspire others while remaining extremely flexible in graciously accommodating late and unexpected changes to project requirements. He is known for effective listening and collaboration and communicates complex technical information effectively to technical and non-technical audiences.

A deeply committed and ardent worker in the Church of God in Christ, Deacon Law currently serves as the International Department of Evangelism, Financial Secretary, responsible for oversight and maintaining the integrity of the fund accounting system and providing general accounting support to the President of Evangelism and AIM’s financial office.  Deacon Law formerly served as Assistant General Secretary, Technology providing configuration and setup support to the National Office of General Secretary during April Call and Holy Convocation and as COGIC World Missions Department Comptroller, AIM/ME Convention for 20+ years.

A life-long member of Carter Memorial Church of God in Christ, Deacon Law serves under the pastorate of Bishop Carl A. Pierce, Sr., and serves in ministry as Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Member of the Trustee Board, Diaconate Ministry, IT and AV/Media Ministry.

He and his lovely wife, Sharon are the proud parents of daughters, Taryn Marie, Nicole Michelle & son, Steven John Law, II.